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7 Best Valentine's Gifts for Each Day of the Valentine Week

All lovebirds around the world are excited about the fact that February is only a couple of weeks away. They probably, have already started making Valentine’s Day plans and there are many who make plan for each day of the Valentine’s week and this week is special, not just because it’s Valentine’s week but also because it has eight days and not just seven.
Valentine's week gifts

You are probably here, as you also want to make that week special for your better half and there is actually a lot that you can do. Each day is different and you can plan surprising him or her with a different gift every day. Giftalove.com has a lot of options, some of the bestsellers being:
Rose Day
What better gift to give on Rose Day than beautiful red roses? A beautiful bouquet of red roses is the best gift for any girl not only on Rose Day but for any other occasion. We offer you a bouquet in a wide variety of arrangements.
Ravishing Red Roses is a simple bouquet consisting of 12 roses wrapped in a cellophane paper and a ribbon.
Romantic Blooms with Chocó Treats consist of a big bouquet, one black forest cake, and two chocolate bars.
We offer online flower gifts delivery services so you can avail that service as well. We offer 
flower gifts delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other Indian cities.
Propose Day
Want to propose to her? Then do it this 8th February with heart shaped flower bouquets. There is a lot to choose from starting from simple bouquets to bouquets that come with soft toys and chocolates.
Chocolate Day
All girls love chocolates and so whether it is Chocolate Day or not, you can gift her chocolates to bring a smile on her face. We offer a wide variety of assorted chocolates and these make ideal gifts.
The chocolaty bucket consists of Ferrero Rocher inside a 6-inch metal bucket.
The Delicious Assortment is one of the popular gifts in our website. It consists of Kit-Kats, Dairy Milk, and also handmade chocolates—a perfect gift for any chocolate lover.
Teddy Day
Well...just like flowers and chocolates, all girls love soft toys as well. Eric on Heart is a cute gift that you give her this Teddy Day. It has the red cushion with a white teddy on top holding another cushion that says ‘for someone special’.
The ‘Made for Each Other’ Bear is another choice that you have. It is a pink teddy bear holding a small cushion that says’ made for each other’.
Promise Day
More than gifts, this is the day when you are to make promises to each other and keep them. A personalized gift would be ideal for this day.
A mug set with one having your image and the other with a promise that you want to make is a great option.
Hug Day
Pink Lover Pair is what you can gift on Hugs Day. It consists of two pink teddy bears hugging each other. Cute isn’t it?
Kiss Day
Red Kissing Coffee Mug or a Heart-warming Basket is the perfect gift for this day. Both these gifts have kissing as the main theme.

Along with these seven gifts, don’t forget to surprise him or her on Valentine’s Day which marks the end of the week. 
For more Valentine's week gift ideas visit https://www.giftalove.com/valentine-week-gifts

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