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Significance of Rose Colors on Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s bell chimes can be heard, everything around seems so romantic.You might have already made many plans to make for the perfect surprise date for your beloved. However, none of the love birds can think of celebrating this day of love without one element for sure i.e. gifting a rose.
Valentine Red Roses

 Red roses top the list amongst the most romantic gifts that are adored all over the world.Its overpowering fragrance creates a perfect mood for celebration. India has the perfect topography to grow the best quality roses be it red, yellow, pink, white or orange. Each and every rose colour has its own importance and significance. Every occasion signifies a rose colour; GiftALove has brought a wide range of these roses just for you.

Let us tell you what these colours convey -

Red for Romance: How classy those red bouquets look! They make an ideal gift to say the three magical words‘I love you’!There can’t be any other timeless way of showcasing love than a bouquet of red roses. The red rose became the symbol of love from the Greek and Roman times when it was tied to the God of love, Aphrodite.

Online valentine flower shopping eases you of the hassle of visiting the market and making a choice.It helps you express your passion for your true love with a bouquet of special roses. Choose beautiful red rose arrangements and make your Valentine celebration truly special. 

Yellow for Friendship, Joy and Good Health: The best choice when it comes to sending joyful message sis yellow roses. It is the symbol of friendship and the perfect way to lift the recipient’s spirits. You can also send roses to celebrate friendship or wish good health.

Pink for Appreciation, Gratitude and Love: Pink, the symbol of grace and elegance is often gifted as a token of appreciation and admiration. It carries with it an aromatic sweetness and poetic romance. Dark pink roses symbolize traditional way to say thank you. Light pink rose is associated with admiration and gentleness. The first trace of a pink rose was found in fossils 40 million years ago.In the Victorian era, the pink roses were used to decorate in greeting cards.

White for Purity, New Beginnings: Earlier white rose was the symbol of true love. White represents the purity of true and immense love. A bouquet of white roses can be sent to loved ones to say“I am thinking of you”. This pure colour also pays tribute to new beginnings and expresses hope for the upcoming future. In 14th century white rose was the heraldic sign of the Duke of York was not fond of red rose and gave it the name as war of roses.

Orange for Desire, Passion and Enthusiasm: Orange roses were seen bridging the gap between friendships symbolized yellow roses and expressing love red roses- a mixture of red and yellow. It can also be a gift to encourage and say that I am proud of you. The perfect mix of contemporary and classy look that brings invigorating energy and enthusiasm!

With Valentine Day fast approaching, love is in the air. GiftALove, as the name suggests, has all that you want to show your love with. Send gifts in India online and surprise your beloved with roses, cosmetics, gifts, personalized gift hampers, teddy bears, cakes, spa gifts, jewellery, and chocolates. Surprise your beloved each day especially from 7th February to 14th February and you will find us by your side with thoughtful and lovely gifts suiting all budgets.

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