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A Token of Love From Beyond the Graves!!

We all live in a world, where we are too busy to think, ponder and reflect on the virtues of love. I have heard many people complain that love had a different meaning during their parent’s time. I often wondered why not set an example. Love in fact is not an easy task; it requires two people to make many sacrifices and commitment in order to stay happy in a relationship. When you are truly in love you understand the unspoken words and remain connected even from the other side of life.

The story I shall share with you people is not mine. It is about two beautiful friends of mine namely Manasi and Mihir. Like their names both of them were very similar to each other. Anyone who saw them would truly believe that theirs was a match made in heaven. Manasi loved roses a lot and Mihir never missed a chance to buy her amazing Rose day gifts. Manasi’s room on every Rose day was a sight to behold. You had to see it to believe how Amazing Valentine gifts could be.

Mihir was employed with the Indian Army and the day he became a commissioned officer, he officially went down on his knees and proposed to Manasi. 6 months later they were happily married. I shifted from Bangalore to Pune and communication became limited. Last year on February when I spoke to her, she told me that even after 3 years of marriage, Mihir still buys her some of the most beautifully decorated bouquets as Rose Day gifts.

However, perhaps not all good things are meant to last forever and instead of any Amazing Valentine gifts,Manasi received the tricolor covered dead body of her husband this year. I was still there with her on 7th February, ten days after Mihir’s death, when an unexpected doorbell rang. I answered the door and saw a flower delivery boy standing with a beautiful bouquet of roses. He asked for Manasi and handed her the bouquet saying that it was her husband’s rose day gifts (https://www.giftalove.com/rose-day) for her. Mihir had paid him in advance for the roses, fearing that he might be late for the occasion. Little did he know that he shall be a bit too late for every occasion.

Beautiful people don’t die; they pass fade away leaving behind the essence of their fragrance in the heart and minds of their loved ones. Manasi and Mihir’s story inspires me to believe in the emotion of love in spite and despite of all the pain and heartbreaks that I have experienced. Afterall as they say anything worth having never came easy.

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