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Charming Roses by Number & its Significance!!

Roses for Valentine’s Day is the most obvious choice, as romantic roses make one of the best valentine gifts ideas. Rose appears the most romantic blooms. They spread happiness & affection all around. Roses look cute & enamouring as well. It is very important to choose the right colour of roses. Different colours of roses carry separate meaning. Red roses are the symbol of love & passion. Yellow for friendship, pink rose for innocence & cute love. Orange rose is for charm & loyalty.

Number of roses also possesses special meaning. For instance a bunch of roses signifies innocent love. Thornless bunch of roses says “you are delicate”. Liliac rose bunch – I will remember you always. The number of roses you give to your valentine carries a meaning you may or may not know.

Here is the list to help you in selecting how many roses to get for your ladylove on this Valentine’s Day.

-    One rose

Single rose shows budding love in early stage of relationship, and also signifies love at first sight.

-    Two roses

One pair of rose represents mutual love and affection.

-    Three roses

Three numbers of roses show shared love. You are getting emotionally bound with the recipient.

-    Six roses

It represents passion and infatuation.

-    Ten roses
A bunch of 10 roses says you’re head to toe in love.

-    Twelve roses

A bunch of 12 roses is the perfect flower bouquet to give on Valentine’s Day. It says “be mine”.

-    Thirteen roses

Flower bouquet having 13 roses means you just want to be friends.
-    Fifteen roses

Fifteen roses of bouquet mean you’re Sorry.

-    Twenty roses

Twenty roses mean you are truly and sincerely in love with the receiver.

-    Twenty-One roses

Twenty –one roses would give the message “I’m dedicated to you.”

-    Twenty-four roses

Twenty roses would send her the message you want marry her.

-    Forty roses

It means you deeply love her and can do anything for her.

-    Fifty roses

It expresses your love for her has no bounds.

Along with roses you can also give her additional surprise gift. Buy Valentine gifts, Chocolates, love mugs, delightful cake & dry fruits.

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